Nice 3 and 4 Bedroom Homes In East Modesto For Under $100,000

Home In ModestoIt can be challenging to find nice 3 bedroom 2 bath homes in east Modesto, for a really good price.

By really good price, I’m talking under $100k.

Homes in nice areas that are under $100,000 are notorious for barely being a home at all. They can have lots of damage, need new carpets, have broken windows, and a whole host of other problems.

Most of the nicer 3/2 homes in east Modesto are selling for $150,000 or more. But there are some exceptions if you look hard enough…

Take a look at these three homes that are available in east Modesto for under $100,000.

Four Bedroom Home On McGerry St.

Home On McGerry St.The first one up is the home for sale on McGerry in Modesto.

This is a foreclosure with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The home looks to be in pretty decent shape, especially when you consider the price is under $90,000.

Homes like this are tough to beat because you’ll have room to grow and your monthly payments will be very low for what you’re getting.

Now granted, the home does need some work. It has some funky colors in a couple of the bedrooms and the carpets could probably use a good cleaning.

But for a home that is in livable condition, in a good area, having 4 bedrooms, and ALL for under $90,000…

This one is hard to beat.

Home For Sale On Chinquapin Dr. In Modesto

Chinquapin Dr. HomeNow this home is a little bit nicer than the previous one.

The home on Chinquapin Dr. in Modesto is located near the Johansen area.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and pretty close to 1300 square feet of living space.

Even though the price is a little higher than the first home, it’s also in much better condition making this an excellent deal.

The front yard landscaping looks like it has a lot of potential and character. I’m sure it probably needs some work to be in top shape, but you could have it looking excellent with just a little bit of work.

Inside the home, it looks pretty basic, as you would expect from a home under $100,000.

It also looks clean though, and it doesn’t look like it will need too much work at all.

Home For Sale On Laurie Ln. In East Modesto

Laurie Ln. HomeAs usual, I save the best for last.

This home on Laurie Ln. is just a little bit more expensive, but it’s in such great shape.

Laurie Ln has been fully remodeled with new carpets, new paint, new tile, and more.

It’s in great condition inside and out when you consider the tiny price tag.

The neighborhood is arguably the best one on the list as well. It’s located in an older, but very nice neighborhood near Coffee and Sylvan that is very close to Sylvan Meadows and Naraghi Lakes neighborhoods.

It’s not perfect though.

Because of it being an older home, it has some old features. The most obvious one is the single car garage which is probably too small for most peoples tastes.

If you can get over that, then you simply can’t find such a nice 3 bedroom home for under $100,000.


If you’re in the <$100k price range, then take a good hard look at these three homes.

Finding a three bedroom home in nice areas is a challenge if you are limited in to under $100,000 but these three should fit the bill.

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